Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Detecting Phytophthora (O'Brien et al, 2009)

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More (Very Likely) Die-Off at Seward Park

Al Smith gave me a tour of a previously unreported die-off area, in the northwest corner of the forest.  Thus in addition to the the slowly expanding original "ground zero", and a similar area in Mercer Island's Upper Luther Burbank Park, we now apparently have discontiguous spread at Seward.  We also observed a small concentrated patch of dead crowns near the junction of the Erratic and sqebeqsed trails (see small red dot below).

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Proposal to the Bullitt Foundation (subsequently declined for not yet being of regional interest)

A Visit to the Upper Luther Burbank Forest - December 27th 2016

At the invitation of Al Smith  - naturalist, conservationist and Mercer Island Parks volunteer, who worked for years at Seward Park, and now focuses on Upper Luther Burbank Park - I visited some sites of concentrated sword fern die-off identified by Al in this second-growth forest.   Some observations upon the most dramatic site (see video below):
  • About 1000 square feet in size
  • On a moderately steep west-facing slope
  • No trees, healthy ferns surrounding 
  • About 35 dead crowns
  • No mountain beaver are reported on Mercer Island